graalonline: delteria news update!

as announced on the website graalonline delteria’s release date is yet to be announced as a growing concern from some players on the forums saying “it just isn’t fair” and day by day players are doubting this game will be released even though they are wrong. here are some little things that will be in the game

Your Character

  • Armory contains all items in the game.
  • Perks are special skills that change gameplay elements.

Your Community

  • Cards shows off your prowess!
  • Parties are players united under one name.
  • Assets provide party bonuses

now yes there will be weapons and other things like that but they wanted to get this info out to the public. i’ve also read that admins are testing the servers weekly to see that they are running. well thats all i got for you right now delteria related, have a nice evening!

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